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Be kind, be helpful, be the
best you can be!

Week 2

Mr Benn - Wizard (Episode 5) HD

Mr Benn - Wizard (Episode 5) HD, best quality available 🎩 Watch more Mr Benn full episodes here:

Mrs P's phonics , -tion

tion. Pay attention it's a celebration!

Miss P's Phonics Session 1

cious- delicious

Miss P's Phonics Session 2

tious- scrumptious

Maths Lesson 1 - Capacity

Watch this video to learn about the vocabulary we use to describe capacity, then have a go yourself! Then complete the layer 1 worksheet.

Maths Lesson 2 - Comparing using the greater than and less than symbols

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Maths Lesson 3 - Measuring Accurately

Learn how to measure capacity accurately by reading off a scale.

Foundation Subjects

Photos of Miss Penny's 3D map from last year- Geography

Map Skills: A Key

Recorded with

Listen to us reading some stories

Miss Penny reading Naughty Bus

Miss Stewart reading 'Elmer Again' by David McKee

Mrs Patterson reads 'Katie and the British Artists'

I wonder if you'll recognise any of the paintings in this story?

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Be kind, be helpful, be the best you can be!

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