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D.T. (Design Technology)

Subject Lead: Mrs. Charlotte Wheatland

The DT curriculum at Stanley Park Infants’ encourages children to be creative, innovative and take risks as they become designers and makers of purposeful products. Our children develop into confident designers because we provide focused and achievable projects that allow them to flourish.

Whether it’s cooking, construction, mechanics or textiles, our selection of projects bring learning to life as the lessons are engaging, practical and full of challenge. Pupils will be encouraged to use skills across the curriculum such as maths, science, computing, art and literacy and apply them in a real-life context which makes the learning meaningful, memorable, relevant and fun!


How we teach DT:

During DT lessons we promote life skills such as positive problem solving, teamwork, creativity and independence as the children work through a series of lessons in order to get the best from their design and the confidence to ‘have a go’!

During DT sessions, children are encouraged to think about how products work. We provide an environment which promotes asking and answering questions in order to deepen their understanding. When making their products, we guide them through the technical skills they will require and highlight safety considerations.

DT lessons ensure that as well as learning new skills, the children will also have opportunities to revisit their knowledge, develop their perseverance and build on their abilities as they progress through the school.

Useful Links:

Here is a selection of photos of DT in action in KS1.

In the EYFS we encourage children to explore and create different products with a variety of materials. Here is a selection of photos of DT in action in the EYFS.

What do we think about Design Technology?

DT club is a fun and imaginative club which promotes independence, creative thinking, and resilience. We do a variety of different projects, from making fruit kebabs to building dream catchers. Here is a selection of photos from DT club.

Survival Dens

Year 2 designed survival dens for the great outdoors. Follow their learning journey from planning, to prototype to life size structure.

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