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School Council

February 2024

School Parliament met to discuss the following matters.

-Library sessions

-Health and Fitness Fortnight

All agreed the activities had been a great success and to repeat next year.

Skipping was the most popular.

Children requested more gym sessions using the wall bars.

-Picture News

All classes enjoying this session.


Ketchup requested again on Fridays.

-Lunch Play

Children looking forward to new equipment including more space hoppers.

-Comic Relief

JH chatted over auditions and types of acts to think about.


JH discussed Carnival Week which will happen in the Summer.

Children will think about activities they would like to include.


Meeting Closed 

next meeting 8.30 am with DDS on 23/2/2024


Meeting- 24th February 2023


School councillors discussed the recent Health and Fitness Fortnight. They all agreed that the two weeks had been very successful and definitely worth repeating at the same time next year.


The children would like football included next time and rock climbing.

Mrs Hemming agreed to research these and get back to them.


Issues Arising-

The children discussed the Daily Mile.


Mrs Hemming  to create a timetable so every class knows when the track is free.



The classes are all now using the library and taking books home on a weekly basis.All agreed that it needs a library team to keep track of the shelving.


A library team to be set up to tidy the library on a Friday lunchtime.

Mrs Hemming to action.



The children like the new menu except the couscous.

They would like music on at lunch to keep the noise down.


Mrs Hemming to consider with the midday staff.


Meeting closed 9.05


School Meeting 


We discussed the pupil choices book and SDP plan. The children felt that everyone was doing ‘Fantastic Walking’ around the school and making good choices in the playground.

They understood that there are a few children that sometimes find it hard to make good choices and their role is to set a good example to others.

They also felt that they were using their Super Learner skills to get better at their reading and writing.

We discussed the proposed new menu, and they thought it was good. They are all enjoying their school dinners. Some children said that they don’t like the salmon fish fingers or the cous cous. Ideas for future meals: Sausage and chips, sausage and mash , chicken drumsticks and prawn linguine! They would also like some sauces like tomato ketchup.

We discussed the upcoming health and fitness fortnight. T They listed the following sports and activities that they would like to do include in the fortnight: basketball, tag rugby, golf, volleyball, bowling, dodgeball, archery, climbing, tennis (go to the tennis courts next to the playground)

We talked about making sure that the new school library was used this term and their role in helping the Eco stars to make sure that lights and the whiteboards are turned off when they aren’t being used.



Our next meeting is to discuss the new school menu.

8.30 am on Friday,13th January.

Our new school Parliament 2022 met to discuss the School Development Plan with Mr DSouza. lan.

Today ,1st July 2022 School Parliament met to discuss the new Autumn Term menu.

-They decided that they wanted more chicken nuggets


These will be included in the  Spring menu.

-Mrs Lucas explained that the pieces of bread are small as they are only to go with a main course

-Surprise day will be added to menu

-Puddings are only on Fridays to encourage children to eat fruit, yoghurt and crackers during the week.



The school councillors will visit Reception assembly to explain these after half term.

School Council meeting on Wednesday 11th May at 10.30am.

We will discuss  our new Zones of Regulation, our upcoming Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations and any other business.

Meeting on 23rd March 2022

School council met to discuss British Values within our school.

We looked at our new school posters.

The councillors also gave their thoughts on a new school menu for the summer term.


School Parliament showing Mr D'Souza their posters. 

School Parliament met last week to discuss our new school iniatiative "Fantastic Walking".

They decided to work in their class teams to design posters and display around the school.

Well done School Councillors as your posters are really visual reminders for the children when moving around school.

School Parliament met with Mrs Lucas to discuss next terms menu.

They reported that roast lunches are still favourites along with sausages and curry.

The children asked for a greater variety at the fruit bar to include water melon and pineapple chunks!

Mrs Lucas agreed to find out about those possibilities.

School Parliament will meet on Wednesday 1st December @ 8.30am.

We will be discussing Christmas activities and our Pupil Charter.



 Year Two Councillors 2021

Year Two Councillors 2021

 Year Two Councillors 2021

Year One Councillors 2021

Year One Councillor 2021

Year One School Councillors 2021

School Parliament Meeting October 14th 2020

School Parliament discussed playground buddies at our recent meeting.


We decided that we would have an assembly to raise their profile.


We also had a quick discussion about our future Health and Fitness Week.

Congratulations to our new School Councillors

Welcome Back!

We are electing School Parliament councillors next week so please send in your applications quickly.

School Parliament leavers breakfast

Don't forget School Parliament special breakast on Wednesday,17th July!

Meeting  8.30am

Matters discussed

-New School Menu-all approved but more sausages were requested!

-Aspirations Week-posters sorted

-Goodbye to Emmeline who is moving to Bournemouth -we will miss you.


School Parliament meetings are held before school at 8.30am.

The dates for this term are as below

Wednesday,22nd May @ 8.30am

Wednesday, 17th July @8.30am

Please come into school through the main office.

Thank you



School Parliament 2018-2019

Congratulations to our new School Parliament Councillors from Years 1 and 2.

Reception Councillors will be elected next term.


Our first meeting was held last Wednesday morning,10th October 2018 at 8.30am.

We discussed our forthcoming events,Open Mornings and Super Learners.


Our next meeting will be on Wednesday,5th December 2018 at 8.30am.


Matters raised from Meeting 05.12.18 @8.30am


School Parliament met last week to discuss monies raised from our Christmas Fair .


They asked their teams for ideas on how they would like the money raised to be used-

-outside resources

-wet break games


These were just two of the main ideas to be considered.


School Parliament also began to create a pupil friendly SDP with each year team designing a different page.


Meeting closed 9am

Date of next meeting tbc

Meeting December 5th 2018

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