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Subject Lead: Mrs Kate Patterson


At Stanley Park Infants' School we encourage every child to develop curiosity and passion for mathematics through creative investigations and fun learning. We believe that all pupils have the ability to master mathematical concepts deeply. With every child, we focus on giving them the necessary skills to develop lasting confidence within maths.


Mathematics teaching at Stanley Park Infants’ School aims to develop every child’s deep understanding of mathematical concepts through fluency, problem solving, reasoning skills. Our curriculum continues to make sure that all children have a solid understanding of the core mathematical concepts in number, space, shape and measure. We ensure that our pupils dive deeply into mathematical concepts by first-hand exploring and discussion. We aim to enable all children to use and apply their mathematical knowledge through-out the EYFS and KS1 curriculums, making learning purposeful and enjoyable.


We set high expectations in our teaching and learning so that our pupils acquire the necessary tools to become successful, life-long learners.


How we teach Maths

Maths lessons at Stanley Park Infants’ School follow the ‘Teaching for Mastery’ approach, giving all children opportunities to explore mathematical concepts at greater depth. We use the three main teaching and learning approaches - concrete, pictorial and abstract. Daily lessons include: fluency practice, problem-solving and in-depth reasoning to allow children to progressively develop a deep understanding of the mathematical concepts outlined in the EYFS and KS1 curriculums. Our lesson design ensures there are plenty of opportunities for: revisiting concepts, discussing mathematical ideas including using a wide range of mathematical vocabulary, greater depth reasoning, dealing with misconceptions and moving learning on by taking small, sequential steps whilst providing appropriate levels of challenge for all abilities. All these learning opportunities are delivered within meaningful, purposeful and fun contexts linked to other areas of the curriculum. Stanley Park Infants’ School is a member of the London South West Maths Hub, which is part of a 37 nationwide network. The hubs bring together maths educational professionals to conduct action research and to develop and share best practice to enhance children’s learning.


Useful Links

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Parents' views:

I wish I'd been taught maths that way.  If I had, maybe I would have understood it better.

The resources you provide really help my child to learn.

My child says maths is fun.

It's good to see how you challenge every child to reach their potential.


Children's views:

Maths is really fun.

I absolutely enjoy maths.

It's exciting!

I enjoy the diving deep challenges.  They help my memory grow.

I like doing the diving deeper challenges.  I have to think about things carefully and remember.

I like maths, sometimes it hard and sometimes is easy but you can make links which help you with new learning. 


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Come to our Brilliant Board Games Club on Mondays after school! Have fun with friends whilst boosting your mathematical thinking.

Magnificent Maths corridor displays Spring 2022! Come and join in with the fun!

NSPCC Number Day - 22.04.22 - we had lots of fun on our very own Number Day raising money for the NSPCC whilst enjoying different maths games and challenges as well as dressing up as digits.

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Be kind, be helpful, be the best you can be!

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