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Subject Lead: Mrs Kerry Dring 

At Stanley Park Infants’ School, we believe that equipping our children with both scientific knowledge and skills is key to delivering a broad and balanced curriculum. As a core subject in the primary curriculum, science teaching and learning is given the importance it deserves. As a school we want science to excite children’s curiosity and create a lifelong interest.


Our carefully designed science curriculum is intended to spark our pupils’ love for exploring and investigating the world. Science combines these two key elements, which are crucial to establishing a lifelong love of learning. Science connects to other areas of the curriculum and helps children develop skills as a process of enquiry.  


How we teach Science 
 At Stanley Park Infants’ School, we follow the scientific knowledge and skills progression laid out in the National Curriculum. In the Early Years we follow the EYFS curriculum. Each unit of science always contains a clear progression of knowledge and, across the course of the year, all working scientifically skills will be covered. Each half term will feature a hands-on science investigation to consolidate learning and to ensure all children are actively engaged. We adapt our lessons carefully for our children with SEND to ensure that all children can access their learning. For the more able children, each lesson provides an opportunity to showcase their deeper understanding through a greater depth challenge. At the end of each unit, children’s understanding of the unit and vocabulary is assessed to ensure that children are moved forward with their learning. In all lessons, key scientific vocabulary is embedded, and children are actively encouraged to use it in their spoken language and written work.  


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